Home Tanning Guide

Home Tanning Guide

Lookers Sunbed Hire promote sensible tanning, and will only supply hire our Sunbeds to adults over 18 years. In addition, full tanning advice and instruction on safe use of our Sunbed equipment is provided upon delivery. Lookers Sunbed Hire acknowledge both the risks and benefits from Sunbed use, and encourage our clients to use our Sunbed equipment as a balanced part of their overall tanning and beauty regime.

Your Skin Type

  Skin Type Sunburn Danger Tanning Protection*
Woman Red Hair

Reddish Hair
Light Coloured Eyes
Very Light Complexion
often with freckles

Extremely sensitive
immediate sunburn
2% of central Europeans

Tans very slowly if at all

Natural Protection
5 - 10 minutes

Woman Blond Hair

Blond to Brown Hair
Blue, Green or Grey Eyes
Light Complexion
often with freckles

Almost always Sunburn
12% of central Europeans

Light Tan

Natural Protection
10 - 20 minutes

Woman Brown Hair

Dark Blonde or
Chestnut Hair
Grey or Brown Eyes
Medium Complexion
Very few or No freckles

Normal Sensitivity,
Sometimes Sunburn
78% of central Europeans

Good Tan, provided the skin is exposed to the sun step by step

Natural Protection
20 - 30 minutes

Woman Black Hair

Dark Brown or Black Hair
Dark coloured Eyes
Brown or Olive Complexion
No Freckles

Very resistant,
seldom sunburn
8% of central Europeans

Always Brown

Natural Protection
approx. 45 minutes

Protection: This is in natural sun, NOT a powerful Sunbed. Please follow the instructions given to you on delivery

A few extra hints and tips

  • Always remove make-up and cosmetics before tanning.
  • Always remove jewellery to create that all over tan.
  • If taking medicines always check whether they influence the light sensitivity of your skin. If in doubt, ask your doctor.
  • Do not use sun-protection creams.
  • Make sure the equipment is cleaned before tanning.
  • Determine your skin type as this is the basis for your maximum exposure time.
  • Set the exposure time on the sunbed for your skin type. Always observe the recommendations of the manufacturer and salon operator to avoid sunburn and get that perfect tan gradually.
  • Always wear protective goggles or comparable eye protection when suntanning.
  • Do not tan on a sunbed and in the natural sun on the same day.

Do NOT use a Sunbed if you:

  • Are you aged under 18?
  • Do you always burn in natural sunlight?
  • Do you have a medical condition that becomes worse in sunlight?
  • Do you have an excessive amount of moles and/or freckles?
  • Do you have a history of sunburn, particularly from childhood?
  • Do you have skin cancer or does any member of your immediate family have/had skin cancer?
  • If you are pregnant, or suspect you are. If having hired a sunbed you establish you may be pregnant stop using the sunbed and consult your GP immediately.

Also, if you are on any medication or drugs, check with your GP or pharmacist before using a sunbed as certain drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV light.