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All our Hire Sunbeds are the very latest in home tanning; ranging from powerful 24 tube vertical sunbeds containing salon strength 200 Watt Evolution tubes, to fold away 9 tube Canopy sunbeds with facial boosters.

Sunbed Hire has in the past been seen as a cheap alternative to the Salon. Our Sunbed Hire range now compete with Sunbed Salons, and many of our clients enjoy tanning in the privacy and comfort of their own home. There really is no need to go to a salon any more !!

So if you are looking for Sunbed Hire, and live in or near the areas listed, please call us now on 0121 222 9799

Sunbed Hire Birmingham

Elite Canopy

Sunbed Hire Birmingham

Elite Double

Sunbed Hire Birmingham


Sunbed Hire Birmingham


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Some Questions Answered

If you are looking to hire a sun bed from any supplier, we suggest that you consider asking some or all of the following questions before you hire:

What tubes are fitted?

The latest range of home hire sunbeds offer up to 200 watt for maximum tanning results.

How do I know if the sunbed will be effective?

Ask when the tubes were last replaced. Lookers Sunbed Hire use hour counters so we know when we need to replace the tubes.

Does the sunbed have twin timers?

Health and safety regulations now state clearly that all sunbeds must be fitted with twin timers. This is very important as if one of the timers fail, the other will switch it off avoiding sunburn injury. If the sunbed does not have twin timers, do not hire the equipment.

Are sunbed goggles supplied?

Never use a sunbed unless you are wearing sunbed goggles that are new. Used goggles can spread eye infections. Lookers Sunbed Hire provide 2 NEW sets for free. Additional goggles can be purchased upon request.

Does the company set the equipment up?

Never use a sunbed company who does not set up and demonstrate how the sunbed works. Tanning guidelines and safety advice stickers should also be on the sunbed when delivered.

How Reliable Are You ?

Lookers Sunbed Hire take pride in being very reliable. It is common for us to receive calls from clients seeking a sunbed who have been let down by a company who fails to show up or delivers faulty or poor equipment.